Welcome to FutureDOS' official website!

What is FutureDOS?

FutureDOS is a new Disk Operating System made to be run on any IBM Compatible Computer.

Is FutureDOS open source?

Yeah, it is! The sources are at https://github.com/AtieP/FutureDOS.

What makes FutureDOS special from any other Disk Operating Systems like MS-DOS, for example?

FutureDOS is open source, it's maintained, there are new features daily, the license is quite permissive and it is something different.

How do I build and emulate FutureDOS?

The instructions are on the README.md file on the FutureDOS repository.

Who is the owner of FutureDOS?

The owner of FutureDOS is AtieP (me). You can contact me via Discord (Atie#5137).

I am getting some weird bugs when running FutureDOS!

You are free to tell me via Discord or opening an issue on GitHub.

I'd like to make a new feature for FutureDOS!

You are welcome to fork the repository of FutureDOS, add your new feature and open a pull request.